The one “thing” that changed everything

While scratching my head i said “How can this be?”
(aloud in a very perplexed voice.)

I said it so loud that my husband actually knocked on the bathroom door asking “Is everything ok?”

I had stepped on the scale 3 weeks after trying this one “thing” i was doing expecting to see more weight gain (as usual)….

I mean everything i tried before didn’t work, so why should now be any different?

Something was definitely different this time though…

As the blue digital scale numbers started climbing, they stopped at a number that kind of shocked me.


How i lost 19 pounds in 3 weeks!


Hey, Maria here again  🙂

Want to know why i was so shocked that day i got on the scale?

Well…. i found out that i had lost 19 pounds in 3 weeks!  (Woop, Woop)

If i had actually weighed myself on a daily basis (like i should have) i probably wouldn’t have been so surprised…

But back then, stepping on a scale for me was like an emotional rollercoaster.
(i avoided it all costs)

But what also confused me was why i hadn’t noticed the changes in the mirror.

After giving it a little thought, i realized i just wasn’t looking in the mirror.

I simply put my head down and got to work. (that’s advice in disguise, wink wink)


The one “thing”


So you’re probably wondering what this one “thing” is i am talking about….

Here it is ==>   I was keeping track of what i was putting in my body.

I’ll get into more detail in tomorrows article about how i easily kept track of everything i was eating…

But looking back now, i realized this was my way of holding myself accountable.

And if i failed, it would my fault alone. I could not blame any guru or expert for my results.


The plan i used


Now don’t get me wrong, i still needed a little guidance as far as what i should be eating and how to properly exercise to get the best results.

So i decided to spend a whopping $27 to get some help.

I don’t know about you but i need someone to tell me “do this on day 1, do that on day 2, and on day 3 do this…

So i did my research and found a particular plan which seemed to be the best fit for what i was looking for.

This is the plan i ended up buying =>

It had both meal and exercise plans and a full explanation how certain foods affect your weight.

(i kind of skipped the whole food explanation part at first, but then later decided to read it and realized it was actually really valuable information.)


It all came down to this…


But let me get back to the main point of this article

No matter what plan i followed or how much exercise i did…

Absolutely nothing would have worked if i didn’t keep track of what i was eating.

THAT’S what made all the difference.

In tomorrow’s post i am going to fill you in on exactly how i made tracking my meals easy and kind of fun!



Till tomorrow gorgeous,

~Maria ♡♡♡


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