That’s why i’ve been gaining weight

After looking at my phone, i smacked myself on the head and said “duh”…

No wonder i’ve been gaining weight.

It all started to make sense now.


The game changer


Hey Hey –  Maria Here!

Keeping track of my meals was the absolute game changer for me.

After the first week of tracking the food i was eating, i quickly realized i was eating way too much of the wrong foods.

When i say “wrong” foods”, i am not talking about chips and pretzels.

I mean i was actually eating healthy foods that made me gain weight.

I came to learn very quickly that because a food is “healthy”, that doesn’t mean it’s going to help you lose weight.

This is something i am going to explain more in tomorrows email.

I learned this from a very helpful guide i purchased online.


The tools i used


Here is how i was able to track my meals correctly:


1.  First, I Downloaded a phone app called “myfitnesspal”

This is a free app which allows you to log your daily intake of specific foods.

It gives you a breakdown of the daily calories and nutrients you took in for that day – which we’ll discuss tomorrow.

This is the Youtube video i watched to learn how to use myfitnesspal:

If this video is not enough, just search Youtube for “how to use myfitnesspal” and you’ll find lots of tutorials.


2. Next, I purchased a food kitchen scale. If you are not familiar with this, it’s a little scale that allows you to weigh your food in ounces or grams.

This is the kitchen scale i bought from Amazon.

That’s all i needed to get started tracking my meals.


Eazy Peezy Chicken Breezy!


What now?


In tomorrow’s article i am going to explain how even healthy foods may be stopping you from losing weight.


But first, download the free app ‘myfitnesspal’ and start tinkering around with it.

And definitely consider getting a kitchen scale.


If you’re really serious about getting in shape these 2 things are essential for your success.



See you tomorrow beautiful, MWAH!!!



P.S. –  I learned all this stuff the hard way.

I would spend hours every day for weeks researching and trying to figure out what works.

I listened to more gurus than i care to remember.

Ultimately, i gained the most insight and saw the most success using this guide.

I leave you with this final inspirational meme…