The one “thing” that changed everything

While scratching my head i said “How can this be?”
(aloud in a very perplexed voice.)

I said it so loud that my husband actually knocked on the bathroom door asking “Is everything ok?”

I had stepped on the scale 3 weeks after trying this one “thing” i was doing expecting to see more weight gain (as usual)….

I mean everything i tried before didn’t work, so why should now be any different?

Something was definitely different this time though…

As the blue digital scale numbers started climbing, they stopped at a number that kind of shocked me.

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All i really wanted was to just to look good in clothes

All i really wanted was to just to look good in clothes and not feel guilty after putting food in my mouth.

But coming home destroyed from the gym and starving myself every day was just not the life i wanted for myself.

Even worse was the fact that with all of my sacrifice and struggle, i was still failing at getting my body in shape even though i was doing what the so-called fitness “gurus” were telling me to do.

On top of all this, i found my health and my personal life deteriorating from the lack of energy and poor nutrition.

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