About Maria Wings


For years i struggled with losing weight and tried more fad diets and listened to more podcasts than i care to count.

After years of trial and error i finally achieved a body i was proud of. And my blog is dedicated to helping you achieve the same exact results.  (minus the years of annoying research and failed guru programs)

Everyone has there own reasons for wanting to get in shape. Some people just want to be healthier or more active.

What motivated me to reach my weight loss goals was the beach. I got sick and tired of being so self conscious in my bikini and constantly feeling like i was being judged for my body weight.

Sounds a bit vein, i know, but in the end i was happy with my body, my health was better, my energy was through the roof and for the first time i was proud to walk around in a skimpy bikini.

I write articles daily to inspire and motivate people just like yourself to strive for something better.

I never thought i would have this body if you asked me a few years ago. But i was stubborn and would not accept defeat.

And that would be my advice to anyone looking to start a weight loss journey... be stubborn. Never accept defeat.

If you want to connect online follow me on Instagram: @mariawingsfitness

Or comment on any of my articles. I try to get respond as soon and as often as i can.

Good luck and Lets Get This Party Started!!!

~ Maria

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